Digital satin cotton

Environmentally friendly series (there is no harm to the environment due to the absence of textile residues caused by printed textile residues)
Cotton digital printing
100% cotton satin fabric / pigment digital printing / 40 satin thread with halo virgin polyester fibers 400 g/m2 / Turkish Durak sewing thread

Single size, 4 pieces and includes:
One quilt size 160*220
– One embroidered bed sheet, size 90*200
– One pillow with an inscription, size 50×70
– One simple pillow size 50×70


and double size 6 pieces and includes:
– Quilt size 210*230 one piece
– One embroidered bed sheet, size 180*200
– Inscribed pillow, size 50×70, two pieces
– Two simple pillows, size 50×70


In order to prevent discoloration and turbidity of the product, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points

Put the washing machine in COTTON mode.

Washing instructions:
1. Water temperature 30 degrees Celsius
2. Do not use bleach
3. Use a washing machine dryer with a low speed (400).
4. Use an iron at a low temperature (110 degrees Celsius).
5. Do not dry clean as much as possible due to uncertainty about the washing method

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