Weight with packaging: 5000 grams
Material: Chanel velvet
Suitable for: home, accommodation, travel and…

Other Details:
Golestan model carpet with fine texture and beautiful design will protect your carpet. The material of this product is velvet and soft and you can wash it with ease. Do not worry about coloring and mixing its colors, because it will not be harmed. To wash goat size, you can also take it to the dry cleaners to wash it without any trouble. This product is sewn with strong threads to prevent the edges from fraying. This rug is woven in dimensions of 200 x 300 cm and is suitable for carpets up to 6 meters long. It goes without saying that this product can be used with car

Wash at 40 degrees Celsius. Using very hot water to wash the carpet will damage its texture.

Dimensions: 2 meters * 3 meters / 6 meters

pet and door shampoo